Hu:toma helps developer build and monetise deep learning chatbots by offering a centralized and independent marketplace and a network for AI Chatbots. Bots created on the Hu:toma platform share the same nervous system, they can easily talk to one another and make use of each other’s user knowledge.

hutoma deep learning platform

Hu:toma uses a proprietary deep learning technology to learn the nuance of a conversation from free form text you simply upload. This can drastically reduce or completely remove the need for conversation engineering.

What is the Hu:toma Botstore platform?

The platform consists of:

  • The developer console, where you can go to build, test bots and publish them to our store.
  • The APIs that bot developers use when build "clients" for their bots.

What do you mean by "bot", "store" and "client"?

A quick primer on our terminology is here.

How do I get access to the platform?

If you have not already registered your interest, go to our website and hit the "join the waitlist" button. If you registered already and/or have further questions, please contact us using the Intercom chat window.

Who is the Hu:toma platform for?

The Hu:toma Botstore platform is the place for:

  • bot developers. For more information about how to create bots on our platform see the Developer Getting Started page.
  • bot consumers. As a bot consumer you are able to test a bot inside the Hu:toma development console and build clients around existing bots that you have acquired from the store. For information about how to consume a bot from the Botstore see the Consumer Getting Started page.

Your feedback is welcome.

Thank you for being a part of our bot and Botstore community! We are currently still in pre-release so please bear with us if there are rough edges to the product.

We'd love to hear about your experience on our platform. Please also do let us know what you think about this documentation website. For either of these please contact the support team on Slack or via the Intercom bubble in the Hu:toma console.